• Upshot Systems

    Our systems division have built industry leading Portals and standalone applications for use in Provisioning, Billing and Revenue Assurance Services.

    Key to our software portfolio is the Trinity Portal, a Cloud Based Portal incorporating CRM, WLR3 and Billing Modules which have inbuilt integration   into all the main Supplier APIs.

  • Upshot Assurance

    Experienced in all aspects of Revenue Assurance from Risk Reward Revenue Recovery, Book2Bill Process Analysis, Supplier Reconciliations and Ongoing Assurance services.

    We have managed projects and implementations in the Telecoms, Logistics and Utilities industries for some of the UKs largest companies.

  • Upshot Billing

    Utilising our own in-house developed Billing system, we can provide both Managed and Cloud Based billing services via our Secure Management Portals.

    We believe system flexibility, ease of use and access to your data is integral to any Billing service. Our systems function side-by-side with your business model. 


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Some of Our Customers

Welcome to Upshot

Upshot specialise in bridging the gap between IT expertise and business needs.

The success of a business is dependent on the success of its systems and processes. Effective systems can help avoid manual data entry, generate accurate reporting and maximise the efficiency of your staff, revolutionising the profitability of a company in any industry.

Our Assurance division brings large savings, total accuracy and watertight revenue process implementation. Our Systems and Billing Division brings extensive functionality with low cost implementation.And our Consultancy & Development division brings innovative, rapid results.

Proven Expertise
Our internal expertise is second to none. As an established player in the marketplace, Upshot regularly works with several Fortune 100 companies in the Telecoms, Energy and Logistics industries. When benchmarked against critical KPIs, Upshot has achieved average revenue savings of greater than 5%, reduction in billing queries of over 20% and a minimum 25% improvement of six month versus total debt.
All of our lead Revenue Assurance consultants have at least 10 years' experience in the field, with particular expertise of: Cease projects, Reconciliations, Complex supplier reconciliations, and Book2Bill process analysis. We use a number of analysis and reporting tools during our investigations, and have experience in extracting data from all types of data source from Oracle databases and CRM systems to CSV files and paper documentation.
A Bridge between Business and IT
Systems operate across every department in your business. And so do we. Rather than taking an accounting view we examine every business processes, every system that can have an effect on your revenue. Instead of just providing financial reporting, we identify the root causes of revenue loss within an organisation along with the detail necessary to recover it. We then provide bespoke solutions that are fit for purpose in the form of detailed tactical and strategic recommendations to prevent loss reoccurring.